Why should I choose to order online?

Ordering online

This has been a modern mean of buying or shopping without having to drop be by a store or be going out of your house to get all the commodities you need. But it never stopped with just getting what you need. Online shopping had expanded its horizon from just simply the goods that you need to the things that you want. For now, it has gone with the technology and the demands of the public to be able to get what is most of the internet.

But it never stopped there. With the rise of the demand for the medical effects of the medical cannabis is the emergence of the science of growing method. Not just that, for now it has gone to getting these medical marijuana seeds online.

Why should you choose to order online?

If you have been into shopping, you could guess the main reason why. For sure, you have encountered people passing by and telling you how difficult it is to get sick because of the rising prices of the medication as well as the hospitalization and the medical care. You may have heard of the poor quality of medical pot strains perhaps due to the poor quality of these since they were still as seeds.

As you know, these are the main reasons why you should choose to order seeds online than not:

  • It is easy. Like when you shop for a pair of shoes. You just need to key in a few information and you automatically get that “Transaction completed” tab.
  • It is cheap. No matter how much you try to do the breakdown and the budgeting, there is nothing much cheaper than getting your pot seeds through the internet. You do not have to pay for the travel. You do not have to spend for the extra charges especially if you found the right supplier.
  • It is relatively safe as to quality. You can double check the reviews of the patients and growers like you to check how much they loved the seeds they got. You can count on your suppliers for this thing.

Why should you not order online?

As long as you know your local laws and they allow the purchase of the medical cannabis in your area, there is no point why you should not order weed seeds online. The good reasons are justified so why would you worry?

Which is better– to order online or buy from a dispensary?

Where can you obtain weed seeds?

Medical cannabis seeds can be obtained from a lot of options. You can get them from your local dispensary. This operates like a store which you see from anywhere in the area. This can be located in a house or probably a real store. They grow medical cannabis and sell them to the patients at some conditions too. These conditions may include prescriptions and Identification Card. There are dispensaries which will make you their member and to be able to obtain weed seeds, you have to grow another medical cannabis strain. There are also some dispensaries who have vending machines especially made for those who are buying weed seeds who do not want to get in their local stores. However, they also have special features housed in this machine such as letting you show your Identification cards for their machines to operate.


There is another means to get your medical pot seeds. This new method is a bit better, convenient, cheap and safe. That is getting your pot seeds online through seed banks operating via the internet. The method is very easy. All you have to do is to shop online then pay your bills online too then wait until your seeds will arrive to your location. Online seed banks offer a wide variety of strains from the most demanded ones to those which are not really wanted by the growers.


Which is better of the two?

The better one, being the choice of many growers, is ordering pot seeds over the internet through the seed banks operating online. It is known to be the better one because of the positive factors related to it such as the ease in ordering, the cheap price plus the safety and the quality of the seeds you will be receiving. It has also become one of the chosen method of ordering of the growers because of the safety in cash transmittal. All you need to do is just to key in your credit card if you have any. There are even seed banks which will not make you pay additional charges for the transmittal of the payment. There is a wide variety of strains available online rather than when you go to a local dispensary. This is the main reason why growers would prefer to order online. There are strains which are well grown and are fit for the kind of illness they are suffering from.

Where can I order seeds online?

What do you have to know about ordering weed seeds online?

Before you intend to get some weed seeds through your Supplier, its best that you know some of the things that you should be reminded of when you intend to get one.

  • You need to know the local laws in your land. Whether or not they allow you to get medical seeds or not. It is but safer that you know so you will be guided as to what you should do and not.
  • You need to plan things out discreetly. That is having a few of your friends know your intent. It’s much safer than to have them all knowing as when you get caught, you have a lot of people to talk with.
  • You need a trusted supplier.

Where can you order weed seeds online?

If you need to get your pot seeds, there are like 30,000 seed banks over the internet which can provide you with more than the seeds and the services which you need. However, it is pointless to get from a scam site. Ordering medical cannabis seeds online is easy. Take note of the three things to get your orders going and safe. With the number and growing population of the seed banks, where can you really get you medical pot seeds?

  • Get it from a Trusted Seed bank. Trusted could mean- effective, on time and safe. Precautionary measures are taken into account by your trusted supplier. It is for the betterment of your orders and your transaction.
  • A trusted supplier is one who will not compromise you and your weed seeds. It needs to have a payment method which will not hurt you or scam you. It needs to provide you with the right and good quality weed seeds as promised.
  • The seed bank is informative. That is to let you know the basics and the advanced things which you need to know before getting into the science of growing you medical cannabis.
  • Lastly, a trusted supplier is one which will provide you with the aftersales services. In case you have questions, they will be there to take care of your growing.


To have a good seed bank means having a healthy growing life. It is better to be safe than be sorry for not taking that into consideration. For additional safety, check out the web site of the seed bank to understand their businesses and check their authenticity as a supplier.

When should I order pot seeds online to avoid interception?

Into ordering pot seeds online

Ordering weed seeds online can be tough. You have to undergo many processes to complete the transaction. You need many things in order to get your seeds safely without compromising the price as well as the quality of the seeds you will be receiving. Although it is the easiest and the cheapest way to get weed seeds which is some sort of a hot package, it is also tough to get them to your location. Remember that your seeds would need to get to your location so that means they have to pass by the customs and other authority before it will arrive to your location.


When is the right time to order pot seeds online?

Pot seeds when ordered in big volume can mean big packages and boxes. Big boxes will ultimately come to the inspection of the customs. This is not something you would like. Your weed seeds might be confiscated and the worst case scenario is you might be spied on. However, there are right moments to go and order pot seeds. During these days, there is a bigger chance that the customs will not be suspecting that much on your packages.

During Christmas and Valentine’s season, it is better to order pot seeds. Big packages are common during these seasons so it will not be much of unusual to send or buy something to yourself. It will just be like out of the ordinary.


Is interception still possible during these seasons?

Although, there might still be inspections, it will not be much strict and the rules is not that tight in some sense. Bigger volumes can be ordered without the interception of the customs. However, there are still reminders to be noted. One is, when you order weed seeds, get it from a seed bank which has the best shipping agency so that even if your package is that big, it will never harm you. Choose a seed bank online which has a discreet name or one which is too common to be noticed. That way, even if you orders are in bulk, it will pass by the customs as if nothing suspicious is in there.

These are few notes to those growers who are not aware of the local laws in their land. But for those who are staying in the area where the authority permits the ordering, it should not be a problem.

What strains can I order online?

Why should you order pot seeds online?

Ordering weed seeds online is one of the safest ways to get your medical cannabis growing. If you want to get your medical cannabis with extra safety, you have to beware of the customs and their laws as well as the monitoring of the authority. Therefore, to get your medical pot without being held by the authority, you have to know the laws of the land in your area to better get the understanding of the limitations with respect to the growing method.

There are better reasons provided in growing of the medical cannabis. However, to get better results, you also need to have the right amount with the right quality of the seeds in the inception of the growing process. Two of the main reasons is to get seeds at a much cheaper price with a relative value and quality. Moreover, it is much easier to purchase weed seeds online rather than getting them through a local dispensary.


What Strains can you Order Online?

Technically, one of the edge of getting your pot seeds online is the availability of a wide variety of the medical cannabis seeds strains. You can have as many seeds as you want belonging to whatever strain and family they may be. The stains you can have depends on what you want to grow. Depending also on the seed bank you are dealing with are the varieties they have especially those which are not yet in the market as they have been bred just recently.

But one thing is for sure, best sellers are readily available. Best-selling strains are those which are demanded by the growers and the patients due to reasons such as their medical effects or their prices or depending on the customer’s preferences.


What is the seed bank does not have the strain I want?

If the strains you want is not yet available in the seed bank, then the right supplier will recommend you strains of same effects and ease of growing just to support your needs and your demands. The right seed bank will also take note of the strain you looked for and make it available for you the next time around. The sure thing is, seed banks are knowledgeable enough about the weed seeds that they can offer you alternatives just in case the pot seeds you are demanding is not in their stocks right now.

What are the security features in ordering weed seeds online?

Are there security features in ordering pot seeds online?

With every market and every product being sold in the market, there are always security features connected with them. This is in favor of the seller and the buyer. Most especially if the supplier is related to distance buying such as operating through the internet. Weed seeds sold online is an example of a seller operating the distance buying. There should be an incorporated security to ensure that the transaction are real, safe and trusted.


What are the security features for the buyer?

The buyer is the bottom line why a seed bank exists. Therefore there is much importance that the buyer feels secured of the transaction made. The wise seller would also take this into account because they know that they will lose potential customers when they do not feel safe of the transactions.

The features of the security in favor of the buyer lies on two things and these are the:

  • Seeds—To keep the seeds safe from being robbed, to ensure the quality of the seeds from the point of order to the point of arrival to the location of the buyer is the utmost consideration of the seller. It is also the most important thing for the buyer.
  • Money for payment—this must also be secured. This is the means of the seed banks to earn profit as well it is also the seller’s consideration to make the payment method safe and convenient for the buyer. A convenient mode of payment is found to be safe for the buyer and the seller. A buyer will appreciate a mode of payment which will not make them pay additional charges.


Why are security features important? 

It is important in the selling purposes. This is to make the buyer and the seller feel comfortable and safe during or even after the transaction has completed. This is to recognize which is fake from the one which is legit. The safer seed bank will be sought after by the potential growers and patients. One way to get the loyalty of the buyer is to address their call for security.

This is still a case to case basis. Not all seed banks answer the need of the buyers in the distance buying. Therefore it is also dependent on you as a buyer to choose the right seed bank to buy seeds from.

What are the information needed in ordering online?

What do you need to know before ordering online?

If you are intending to grow your own medical cannabis and you do not know where to start off, then you should first think of the ways on how to buy your seeds before you engage in growing. Finding good seeds is tough that you need to undergo researches and studies to finally settle with the site whom to get your seeds from. At any rate, you have to go into more information hunting of the site to verify that the site is not a scam.

How should ordering be done?

The best way to pursue ordering is through the adoption of the privacy policy. You should not let everybody just know about your intentions to purchase medical cannabis seeds as this will lead to you being caught up or be found suspicious. You need to follow some important notes to keep the ordering and the whole transaction as safe as possible in your favor.

  • Make it a habit to make your orders in small volume to avoid suspicion from the customs.
  • Choose only from the best suppliers whom you know can provide you with the best shipping agency.
  • Make the payment methods as safe and discreet as possible.

What are the information you need to fill out when ordering?

You may be curious to know the information which you need to fill out to complete the ordering process. There are only four important information which is the most vital. The fifth one depends on the supplier you choose.

  • Your name—Choose a local, common name. One which can be the name of the local store owner, your former friend or probably someone you know who has many same names. Make it common and sounds like a local resident in your town.
  • Your location—this is the most crucial information as seeds through mail are sent to the location you choose to. If you will be growing your medical cannabis in your own home then better redirect the seeds to a trusted friend’s house, not to you. But do not make a non-existing address as your location because this will add more suspicion to your orders.
  • Your orders—The cannabis strains that you wish to order. You have to choose from among the list.
  • The amount—Settle with the amount for your payment.

The method of payment is dependent on your supplier or the seed banks’ list of their accepted payments.

What are the challenges in ordering weed seeds online?

What is positive when you order pot seeds online?

Ordering your medical weed seeds online has positive things to bring you. In a world where automation and ease is a major priority of the shoppers, it is but logical and better ti get your medical weed seeds online rather than getting them from a local dispensary or from a friend. You do not have to go out of your house or be spending time outside just to find these seeds. All you need to do is browse all the suppliers you know, scan all the items they offer then add the ones you liked to your cart.

What are the challenges in ordering them online?

Distance buying can be tough at times. Moreover, if the items is not locally legal in your area. There are always negative things but they can be manageable and tolerable. These worst case scenarios include:

  • A scam seed bank—this is the worst thing that can happen to you. If you happen to deal with a site which is generally fraud. Overcome this by choosing only the trusted sites to deal with.
  • Customs—if your package looks suspicious for the customs, it will most likely be inspected. If your local laws do not allow the buying of medical cannabis in your area then do not wait for your seeds anymore, they might have disposed them already. Know the laws in your land before doing orders.
  • Delays—if you have chosen a supplier with a faulty shipping agency, then this might be your fate. You do not have to worry, your seeds will arrive but too late. Transact only with the seed banks you know and you trust.
  • Poor quality of the seeds—you might have been deceived by what you have read in their sites and turned out to receive seeds of minor or poor quality. This happens but not if you work with your trusted seed banks.
  • Difficult payment method—there are those who have additional charges when you make transfers from across the countries. Choose a seed bank which offers a payment method with the free transfer as they are partnered with the banking institutions.

These are just some of the usual problems you might encounter when you order seeds online but as you see, there are means to overcome them. And the safest still is to choose the best seed bank online.

The to dos in Ordering seeds online

What should you do when ordering pot seeds online?

If you are intending to buy your pot seeds online, there are a few notes which you need to consider even before the inception of the transaction. These should be complied with for you to get on to the ordering process until the delivery of your weed seeds without the interception from the customs or from any of the authorizing body.

Before you even go to the ordering process, you should:

  • Choose the right seed bank online. You have to settle with legit one which has the web site where they post and upload the strains available for sale. You also need to check their shipping agency and understand how well they can deliver your weed seeds down to your location.
  • You need to keep the ordering process as discreet and as private as possible. Do not let other people know of your intention to prevent authority from tracking you down. In as much as you keep your growing process a secret between you and some close friends, you should also keep the ordering process that way.

While on the ordering process, you also take note of the following things. These are important to ensure that your orders will be on the right track in the sense that they will arrive to your location without getting intercepted. These include:

  • Keying in the right name. You do not have to write your real name. What you need is just a common name which will not be that suspicious and not very known that the authority might track you.
  • Keep the location as honest as it is existing. Do not make up a location which does not even exist. The post man needs to know your house or the house where you intend to send the weed seeds.
  • Make the orders in small packages. Big boxes out of the season can be suspicious and can make the customs ran after you.
  • You should also be careful in the payment method which you will be choosing. Make sure that your cash in safe hands. There are some seed banks which operate for scam and which will not make you get your weed seeds fit for your needs.

It is wise enough to think all of these things before you go into the art of ordering pot seeds online. It depends on your ability and your capacity to make the right decisions.

The pros in ordering seeds online

Into ordering weed seed online

Shopping has went another mile nowadays. Instead of the usual day you spend to walk into malls and choose the best types of things you want for yourself, today it is now possible to shop in just few clicks then just wait for your items to reach your homes. No matter how large you orders maybe, you can still have them sent to you. Almost anything is shopped over the internet now. Things which you never imagined would be possible is now out through the internet. Some things such as the medical weed seeds.

Why should you order pot seeds online?

You have other means of getting your medical pot seeds. You can choose to order from a local dispensary. Visit it and find a good seed which will fit in your needs. You can also get them from friends who have been in the field of breeding and cultivating new seeds. However, we cannot deny the fact that ordering through those means entail cons which we hate. There are things that remain to be the weakness of the local dispensaries and the breeder you know.

One of the ways to get them easily with a leverage in the quality and the quantity is by purchasing them online through a seed bank. In the past years, the emergence of the seed banks have become rampant that it doubled their number in a few years. Ordering online may posed risks on their own but these can be manageable. The pros in ordering medical pot seeds online are:

  • The ease of ordering—you do not have to go out. You do not have to travel. You save for not doing all these. You just need to fill out the vital information needed for the completion of the orders and you are done.
  • The payment method’s safety—this may depend on your supplier. There are good seed banks who can let you pay without having to spend another bucks for the charges.
  • The quality of the seeds—being in the seed bank business for some time, it is undeniable to have the best seeds to offer which can conquer the time for the receipt of seeds as well as the travel to your location.
  • The choices—almost all strains which are demanded by the patients are available in the seed banks. You have a lot of choices of the best medical weed seeds which you want.